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New Zealand

February 16th, 2011 sablan12

Kia Ora! Or if you don’t speak Māori, the language of the New Zealand natives, Hi! (Kia Ora is similar to “Aloha” in that it is used for both “hello” and “goodbye”) I am currently traveling around New Zealand with the very popular Kiwi Experience Tour Bus company. I’m having the time of my life going from city to city and hostel hopping. I have met so many wonderful people while traveling both on and off the bus. Fellow crusader Santina and I started our NZ adventure in the South Island and will conclude our travels in the North Island. Unfortunately, due to internet inaccessibility, I will not be able to post a detailed post whilst here. The minute I get back to Melbourne I’ll be sure to post a detailed itinerary with tons of photos. Till then, take care and Kia Ora!

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