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Here Comes Peter Cottontail…

April 24th, 2011 sablan12

Hey All!

Just a few updates!!

1. My internship is going well! We just had our Good Friday Appeal benefit auction and raised $610,000 for the Royal Melbourne Children Hospital.

2. Uni is FLYING by… it’s already past week 8 of 12!

3. College is great, getting ready for the upcoming ball (yay!).

4. Easter has just passed and I feel ill from all of the chocolate I ate :/

5. Rowing at College has also begun, which is a good way to work off all of the aforementioned chocolate.

6. I will be back in America in LESS than two months! ( I am still in shock at how quick time flew by)

7.  Now that I am on Easter break, I will be exploring the Great Ocean Road, and will have a better post for next week with many new photos!

I hope everyone had a phenomenal Easter!

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