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9,000 Words.

May 31st, 2011 sablan12

It’s SWOT VAC, aka the time when Melbourne Uni kids begin to panic about their approaching final exams, wishing that they had just gone to more  lectures during the semester, whose notes they will now be forced to learn on top of the revision that will be taking place during their inevitable cram session over the next week.

Me? I have 9,000+ words to complete by June 6th… 4 Essays worth a whopping 60% of my grade in each class… No pressure, right? Although, YAY for no exams, and finishing earlier than my peers, NAY for the essays being worth so much, and all being due on the same day!

After exhausting all other procrastination methods, checking email, facebook, regular mail, cleaning my room, organizing my closet, eating, and  making lists of things I still need to do for my essays- has resulted in my blogging. I do enjoy blogging, I am not the most consistent (clearly), but it’s a great way to relax, reminisce, and currently, a means of preventing my revision of one of my many assignments. I have to keep reminding myself of how close I am to being complete with my year abroad, which also has the ability to create some anxiety. But, I am going strong, 3 essays drafted and another awaits tomorrow…

That being said, I really must get back to writing essays…

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