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Kiwi As Bro!

March 8th, 2011 sablan12

I am once again back to the hustle and bustle of busy Uni life, and New Zealand is starting to feel like a distant memory… I had such an amazing time while in the land of the kiwis. I traveled  the North and South island for 17 days and had the most amazing experience of my life. My friend Tina (fellow Crusader) and I started at the top of the South island working our way further south all the way to Queenstown, and then up to Auckland in the North Island. While in New Zealand I went swimming with hundreds of wild dolphins, bungee jumped 440 feet on Australasia’s highest bungee, hiked a glacier, climbed an active volcano, and went skydiving from 15,ooo feet. Not only was my NZ itinerary full of fun activities, but I was also able to view some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world. When I wasn’t sight seeing and jumping out of planes I was making tons of new friends from all over the world on the Kiwi Experience bus. It was incredible. Or as the kiwis say, it was “sweet as bro”!

Dusky Dolphins in Kaikoura

Volcano Hike

Glacier Hike

South Island

Bungee Jumping

Skydiving 15,000 feet

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  1. Interesting read, cheers! I finally take in the big ikon.

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