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January 28th, 2011 sablan12

It’s summer time in Melbourne, and the weather is finally nice (No rain, yay!) Not only is Melbourne a wonderful place to be, considering Massachusetts is experiencing sub-zero temperatures (Sorry guys!), BUT, there is also the tennis! Yes, the Australian Open is taking place in Melbourne at the moment, and I was most fortunate to be able to attend.  It was a great experience, and not what I initially expected. Turns out in the last couple years the Australian Open has become more of a “must-attend’ event, similar to Melbourne’s famous horse races, The Melbourne Cup. I previously believed that I would be sitting for hours on end watching the tennis, but to my surprise, was greeted with tons of sponsor tents with activities and free stuff, and college-aged students anxious to be apart of the scene (some were even dressed up in funny costumes). Turns out, a ton of Uni kids enjoy going to the tennis and spending the day with friends.  So, like my peers, I purchased a grounds pass and enjoyed the beautiful weather, and what seemed like endless amount of tennis courts. After a long day of perusing sponsor tents for free samples, and watching a few games in the minor courts with friends, I was lucky enough to gain admission to Hisense Arena, one of the major courts at the tennis, where I got to watch Maria Sharapova play! It was awesome! Firstly, because I actually have heard of her (I don’t normally follow tennis), and secondly, she played quite well! Since then I have been regularly watching the tennis with housemates, and demonstrating my “knowledge” of the game. I’m no expert, but I’m learning!

Hisense Arena

Maria Sharapova

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